MOHAMMED S. AL-SUDAIS & PARTNERS CO. was founded by individual initiative of Sheikh Mohammed Saleh Al-Sudais& Sons Abdul Rahman and Abdullah in 1968. And by the grace and Almighty of Allah it has become one of the largest transportation companies in the Middle East, with its huge possibilities of material and human and also credibility and ability of implementation and competition. And has been fully owned by Sheikh Abdurrahman Mohammed Al-Sudais& Sons.
      MOHAMMED S. AL-SUDAIS & PARTNERS, CO is one of the largest transportation companies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it has a large fleet of modern trailers which was estimated at about 1000 trailers of heavy transport. The company has a separate maintenance centers throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the maintenance of this fleet in Riyadh, Qassim, Jeddah, Dammam, Al-Houf ,Asfaan, Yanbu and others as there are mobile maintenance centers for the maintenance of cars on highways throughout the Kingdom.
      Therefore, the Company import spare parts for large cars from abroad to secure the necessary parts for vehicle fleet as well as sell to other companies. And the company has the largest warehouses of spare parts in the Kingdom. The company carries out transportation of all kinds under the Ministry of Transport License No.010111002300 dated 06/03/1438 AH to transport materials and equipment on the roads in various points of the Kingdom we transport all types of fuel (diesel – gasoline – raw oil, etc.) under contracts with Aramco Saudi company, the Saudi Electricity Company, the public Electricity Corporation and others, and we transport the bulk and bagged materials for all silos projects under contracts with the General organization for grain and with Almarai and with some other miscellaneous companies.