Real Estate and Farm
The Group has a private real estate department of buildings, warehouses, workshops, exhibitions and farms which are leased or invested by the group and considered as assistant activity to previous activities. And distributed across the Kingdom.
All works of land transportation of petroleum materials of all kinds – transfer of the bulk and bagged material from ports, warehouses and stores all over the KSA – in the transfer of goods, equipment and machines which shall be carried out by cars and trailers specially designed for this purpose of modern tanks, hoppers, Stahat and lwabd ready to transfer any material on demand.
Spare Sparts
Trucks Spare Parts selling activity which is complementary to the activity of transportation and the required truck parts and has been developed so that the company has become one of the most prominent names in the field of spare parts that are imported from all over the world.
Investment in other companies
We have investment in factories, retailers and other companies.